Rooms & Rates

     While staying at the Silver Star B&B Inn, we invite you to relax in your guest-room or in our many public spaces.
     It is our pleasure to provide warm hospitality, exceptional food, and comfortable beds, all in our log lodge cabin.
Off season rates are discounted $20.00 off regular listed rate January thru April 2017
We are closed Sunday thru Wednesday until May 2017 except for groups leasing 3 or more rooms.
No minimum stays November through April 2017 

                Room Amenities:

•  Air conditioning   •   Private baths   •   Clock radio
•  Full Hot breakfasts   •   Complimentary Snacks & Beverages
•  Personal soaps, shampoo & body lotion   •   Reading materials

Room # Cost Type Bed Bath Sleeps Misc Info
1   Stieglitz $167 Queen Whirlpool/Shower 4 Pull-out sofa
2   Szarkowski $149 Queen Shower 3 Can add twin cot
3   Aperture $159 Queen Shower 4 Pull-out couch
4   Cameron $149 Queen Tub/shower 3 Can add twin cot
5   Brady $149 2 Twins Tub/shower 2
6   FSA $149 Queen Shower 2
7   F64 $149 Queen Shower 2
8   Talbot $143 Queen Shower 2
9   Eastman $154 Queen Tub/shower 2 Deck, wheelchair accessible
10   Magnum $149 2 Full Shower 6 Children & pets welcome
Private entrance

         All prices are based on double occupancy.


1. The Stieglitz-Steichen

Honoring Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen


2. The Szarkowski

Honoring John Szarkowski and the Museum Of Modern Art


3. The Aperture

Honoring Minor White founder of Aperture Magazine


4. The Cameron

Honoring Julia Margaret Cameron and women photographers


5. The Brady

Honoring Mathew Brady and Civil War photographers


6. The FSA

Honoring Roy Stryker and the FSA photographers


7. The F64

Honoring Ansel Adams and other


8. The Talbot/Daguerre

Honoring Henry Fox Talbot, Louis Daguerre & Joseph Nicephore Niepce

Joseph Nicéphore Niepce, in 1822, made the first photograph, a permanent image. He called these images caught in the camera obscura “points de vue.” In 1827, Niepce met with affluent prosperous Louise-Jacques-Mondé Daguerre, twenty years his junior. They became partners in 1829, after Daguerre convinced Niepce not to publish his process even though he felt he couldn’t improve it any further. Daguerre’s letter reads “…there should be found a way to get a large profit out of the invention before publication, apart from the honor you will receive.”

Although Daguerre did not invent photography, he did make it work, made it popular, and made it his own. Within a year after its announcement in 1839, his name and his process were known in all parts of the world. Honors were showered on him and wealth and security was his. However, the name of Joseph Nicéphore Niepce was practically forgotten. Daguerre’s principle of development of mercury vapor was original, a workable process based undoubtedly on knowledge he gained from Niepce. Niepce, however, contributed nothing further to the invention after 1829.

Daguerre’s process could not be multiplied or printed in unlimited numbers, as positives can be from a single negative; the negative-positive principle of photography was the invention of Henry Fox Talbot. It was Talbot’s invention of a paper negative from which multiple prints could be made that became the foundation of modern photography.

This eclectic room features a Queen antique brass bed, a primitive style armoire and side table and a patchwork quilt. Private bath has shower.

$143 Sleeps 2

9. The Eastman

Honoring George Eastman


10. The Magnum

Honoring Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson & all other Magnum photographers

In 1947, Robert Capa, David Seymour ‘Chim,’ and Henry Cartier Brisson co-founded Magnum Photos. Magnum is owned as a co-operative by its outstanding photographers, who supply illustrated journals and magazines of all the world with single photos or complete picture essays.

Two full beds and sofa pullout (Sleeps 6) interior entrance & direct access to rear terrace, desk, shower, tile floor, and braided rugs, Children and pets welcome (please inquire)

$149 Sleeps 6