Art Gallery

We invite you to linger and study the Silver Star’s extensive fine art collection. You will discover an interesting display of original works in various media; paintings, ceramics, silk-screens, photographs, and mixed media assemblages. Enjoy old cameras, art books and photographic periodicals and books.  Enjoy!

The “silver” in the name Silver Star represents
silver halide – the chemical compound of silver with
a halogen (for example, silver iodide, silver bromide or
silver chloride). These compounds are responsible for
recording a visual image on a photographic emulsion as
a result of exposure to light. Many fine photographs
are displayed throughout the inn.

Artists featured at Silver Star include:

Katie Viet ~ Oil & Acrylic paintings
Lou Ann Erickson ~ Mixed media assemblages
Lyn Geesaman ~  Color photographic prints
Dorla Mayer ~  Silkscreens with pastels
Mark Duerr ~  Photographs
Richard Lipshir ~  Ceramic sculptors
Dickie Swaback ~  Paintings, Ink drawings
Douglass Issac Bush ~  Photographs
Theron Caldwell-Ris ~  Watercolors
Ann Hughes ~  Oil pastel
Jane Fasse ~  Pastels
Deb Grossfield ~  Photographs
Randy Arnold ~  Oil pastel
Ray Esparsen ~  Mixed media

Krishna Reddy ~  Sculptor
Kathleen Lyons ~  Mixed media
Katherine Corelli ~  Oil painting
Edward Holland ~  Infrared photograph
Lou Zale ~  Photographs
Barbara Russel ~  Photographs
Beatrice Helg ~  Photographs
Allen Klug ~  Photographs
Ken Bailey ~  Photographs
Robert Budd ~  Photographs
Glen Trudel ~  Photographs
Dennis Church ~  Photographs
Jamie Young ~  Photographs